Mars4 is hiring Unreal Server Engineer (Remote Job)

Unreal Server Engineer 100% REMOTE

Posted: 6 days
We are looking for an experienced and passionate **Server Engineer** to join us on the Mars4 project.
As a server engineer, your responsibilities will include maintaining Mars4’s server and client infrastructure to ensure that the Mars4 project and its users can easily access mission-critical applications. You will be troubleshooting issues at both the server and client levels.

Feature development in Unreal Engine
SQL database integration into dedicated Unreal engine Replication-based Multiplayer servers.
Migrating and optimizing blueprint systems into C++
Creative problem-solving and feature simplification

5+ years’ experience with the Unreal Engine
5+ years’ experience with Multiplayer/Network replication
5+ years’ experience with C++
2+ years’ experience with REST API
2+ years’ experience with SQL
2+ years’ experience with Unreal Blueprints
At least 1 launched game with full in-house experience
Good verbal and written communication skills in English

Experience developing Unreal Engine multiplayer first or third person games which use SQL databases for accounts and inventory.
Interest in space, futurology and other cosmos-related subjects. Mars in particular.
Experience using Perforce.

What you can expect from us
Competitive salary
Remote-work opportunities with flexible hours
Freedom for new ideas and their fast implementation
Opportunities for personal and professional growth

Contact Method:
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About Mars4

Making Mars4 game.

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