1. What is RemoteGameJobs?
  2. RemoteGameJobs.com, as the name implies, is a job listing site dedicated to the remote job opportunities in the game industry. Here you can find only genuine and remote game job offers. And if you need to a remote worker for your game project, this is the right place to list it as well.
  3. Why RemoteGameJobs?
  4. Remote work popularity has been on the rise for many years, and for many reasons. Regular hires limit your scope of search for talents living within proximity of your offices, or includes the complications of relocation. Relocating is a tedious and expensive job in itself, often requiring work visa, travel arrangements, new housing arrangements, and could be complicated for people with families. Working remotely however gets rid of all these hassles. Saves a lot of time, money, and resources. And best of all, it expands the pool of options to hire greatly.

    The technology and infrastructure is also there to support remote work. It’s been there for years, and has now gotten far better. Project management, communication, source code repositories, and conferencing tools are widely available. Some are even doing their meetings through fun VR environments, killing the old boring meetings as we know it altogether.

    In addition, the recent unfortunate events of COVID-19 have made physical work very difficult, and often impossible. Now more than ever there are studios working remotely, and adapting to the new way of life. But also, we saw many people losing their jobs during these hard times, and are on the lookout for new remote opportunities. So the time is perfect to explore the remote option, and reap all the benefits it provides.

  5. What will happen after COVID-19 is over?
  6. While we all hope this pandemic will come to an end sooner rather than later. And while we believe many studios will choose to go back to regular physical office work, many will have tried and enjoyed the benefits of the nature of remote work. And studios will have developed remote working habits and adapted their workflow to it. We believe many studios will continue to operate at least partially remotely. With more and more studios adopting the remote culture as we move forward.
  7. I’m looking for remote talents. How do I submit a job?
  8. Posting a job is very easy and quickly, and does not even require sign-up from you. Simply click on Post a Job, and fill in the job details and company info. The application link can be a URL or an E-Mail. Your Company Name and Email are your unique company info. Take care in entering the correct name and email. The Company Email is where we will be sending the job confirmation email, and where we will contact you if there is a need. Company Email is private and not displayed to the public.

    Once you fill in the required details, simply click on Pay to finish your payment. Currently we only support PayPal for payment. Once your payment is approved, you will see your job live.

  9. How much does job listing cost, and how long does it remain listed?
  10. Our special job listing launch price is $14.99, and will stay live on RemoteGameJobs for 45 days.
  11. I want to edit my job listing. How do I do that?
  12. Simply contact us from the company email you used for your job listing at support@remotegamejobs.com, and we will be happy to help.
  13. How do I add more than one listing under the same company?
  14. Each job listing is associated with a company. To have all your job listings appear under the same company page, simply use the same Company Name and Company Email when submitting your job details. For your second job listing, you can leave the rest of the company fields empty, and we will fill it for you from the previously provided company data.
  15. I’m looking for remote work in the game industry. Is there a way to get regular updates on all new job ads?
  16. Sure. Simply subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page. You can choose which type of jobs/category you want to get updates to. Everyday we will email you one digest email about all new job listings for your desired categories. If there are no new jobs, then we won’t bother you with an empty email. So really, you have nothing to lose. Subscribe now.
  17. Who created that awesome Cyberpunk Pixel Art background?
  18. All credit for this artwork goes to the talented ansimuz.com.

    The Company placeholder controller is made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com.