About Us
RemoteGameJobs, as the name says, is a job board place focused purely on the remote jobs in the game industry. The game industry is not what it used to be, and today it is larger than the entire movie and music industry combined. The scale of game projects is expanding, and with it an ever growing need for more game talents.
The problem is many of these talents fitting for the role don't happen to be living within proximity of those job oppeninings. Relocations are often difficult for logistical, legal, and personal matters. By opening the door for remote work, a whole new world of opportunities opens up to both game studios and game talents. And while remote game jobs is not mainstream, is has been on the rise for the past few years.
The current unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic have made it however a necessity and the only option for many studios. It's either that, or they shutdown completely. Which is what is happening to many unfortunate others. We kept hearing about game talents losing their job, and being without income. This is why we decided now is a great opportunity to increase awareness for remote game work.
We built RemoteGameJobs to be the place game studios put all their remote job offers in, and where game talents go and seek out their next career opportunity. We hope you find it useful whether you're a hiring studio, or a job seeker.
If you have any questions or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you at support@remotegamejobs.com.
Credit: Background Cyberpunk Pixel Art by ansimuz.com.