Ironbelly Studios Inc is hiring Unreal 4 Programmers (Remote Job)

Unreal 4 Programmers 100% REMOTE

Posted: about 1 month
Ironbelly Studios Inc. is hiring passionate and experienced Unreal 4 Developers

What we offer:
- A multitude of different projects to keep you challenged - Everyday brings new challenges and fun
- Well organized tools to manage remote project development
- Competitive Salaries and flexible work schedules
- Opportunity to work with and learn from industry veterans
- Opportunity to work on diverse and challenging projects

What we look for:
- 2+ years experience with Unreal 4
- Self-driven & organized
- Holistic development approach
- Collaborates well with others
- Experience with Perforce & Git
- Someone living in Europe or the Western Hemisphere.
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About Ironbelly Studios Inc

We've been coaching, directing and leading remote game development teams since 2009. Our unique approach has led us to push the boundaries of distributed development and art production through innovation in the field of virtual management tools, some of which we've created and pioneered. As an external development partner, we’ve worked with a range of studios, from Indie to AAA and adapted our workflow and style to match. 

Ironbelly Studios is an elite partner for development, digital art and animation production in the games industry. With over a decade in business, our studio aims to engage with the gaming industry's top-tier publishers on a varied range of popular global properties delivering on all major platforms. 

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