Carbon Counts Tech is hiring Lead Software Engineer (Unity) (Remote Job)

Lead Software Engineer (Unity) 100% REMOTE

Posted: 9 days
Anywhere in North America (Canada + USA)
Full time remote within a North American distributed team
In the world, there are approximately:
  • 9 million animal species
  • 3 trillion trees
  • 1, 000,000 mobile games
  • 7.7 billion humans

Carbon Counts Tech is on the hunt for 1 exceptional human, a Lead Software Engineer (Game Developer) who is partial to trees, animals, games, the earth, and memorable, impactful experiences. Are you the human we’re looking for? If so, you believe in the power of technology to solve problems and to make the world a better place.

Carbon Counts is an early-stage, multi-country, for-profit company on a bold mission to re-green the earth. We believe in the power of people, play, community, and innovation and we are creating memorable, delightful experiences that will have a positive impact on the planet. 

You consider yourself strong as an individual and in dynamic team settings. An exceptional communicator, you love to solve problems. While you may have your head in code strings much of the time, you also have a bold vision for how you can help build a better world. Though you don’t have an ego, you are confident in your particular gift for making things work, and you fully appreciate diversity of thinking and believe that others have different, equally important areas of genius. A passionate player of games, you’re obsessed with the latest mobile gaming best practices and trends.

ABOUT YOU (AS A Software Engineer)
You are an exceptional lead programmer on a mission to create memorable experiences. You have spent 4+ years programming games and have shipped multiple titles that you’ve started from the prototype stage (on Console, PC, or Mobile). You believe in laying the groundwork for long-term success and use your abilities to write clean, simple, well-documented code from design requirements. You write code that is easy to read and debug, and you are committed to maintaining and contributing to shared coding standards. Self-sufficient, you can unblock yourself, do your own R&D, and independently create solutions. You’re experienced at providing cross-device solutions that address performance, reliability, security, and scalability. You are systematic, timely, and clear in sharing a project’s status, (with tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy team members) outlining dependencies, risks, costs, and options to make what is being built the best it can be.  

Professionally, you’re an expert in: 
  • Game programming – you know all best practices with 4+ years experience
  • Unity and C# with 2+ years commercial experience
  • Computer Science with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or have equivalent experience
  • Gameplay engineering roles and an expert architect in gameplay systems, including controls, abilities, multiplayer, online, and network systems
  • Working in Agile, Kanban, or similar project management methodologies 
  • Proficiency in both 2D and 3D game development
  • Building a 2D user interface that scales across a range of devices and screen sizes
  • Interfacing with RESTful HTTP data services for authentication, player data, etc.
  • CI/CD Build Pipeline mgmt experience
  • Asset Packages and dynamic content loading
  • Amazon S3 setup and best practices
  • *Expertise in making networked multiplayer games is an asset

You’ll report directly to the CTO and collaborate to set development standards, design architecture, and explore centralized technology solutions to bring our game to life. You will actively participate in development scheduling, working with production to estimate tasks and ensure milestones are hit. While providing training and direction to other software developers, you’ll work with the CTO to further develop your own skills and career path and to ensure that you and the programming team are unblocked. 

Biodiversity is the word for the varied animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, and other life forms that are connected and intertwined within an ecosystem. The more biodiversity, the stronger the ecosystem. We’re obsessed with the idea of biodiversity—for the planet, and for the team! Currently, we’re a small, mighty team with different, varied roots in different realms. Some of us have come from entertainment (think Disney). Some from game dev (think Adventure Capitalist and Club Penguin). Some from business (think tech start-ups and Lululemon). Some from tech (think Google). Some are in conservation (think All of us are inspired by the possibility of changing the world, one moment, one laugh, one step, one community—one tree at a time. 

  • Competitive salary & benefits
  • Equity participation
  • Unlimited paid vacation (w/ manager approval)
  • Remote / Work from home / Flexible hours


Definitely not! If you share our mission of creating memorable, delightful experiences that will have a positive impact on the planet, we’d love to meet you and see what is possible!"

If you believe you’re the human we’re looking for, contact us at: 

Employment Type
Full-time, Permanent

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About Carbon Counts Tech

We’ve set out to do one thing: Create a game that’s meaningful, memorable, and that will change the world fir-ever*. The twist? You, your family, and friends—forces of nature—will see your play (and small, important real actions) manifest rewards in the game—and in the real world, too. 

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