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Biodiversity is the word for the varied animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, and other life forms that are connected within an ecosystem. The more biodiversity, the stronger the ecosystem. 

The Carbon Counts team is obsessed with biodiversity—and we’re weaving this into our gameplay, we’re using its principles as we build systems to positively impact the planet, and we’re working hard to weave it into our company culture.

Currently, we’re a small, mighty team with different, varied roots in different realms. Some of us have come from entertainment (think Disney). Some from game dev (think Adventure Capitalist and Club Penguin). Some from business (think tech start-ups and Lululemon). Some from tech (think Google). Some are in conservation (think

We’re individually and collectively inspired by the possibility of changing the world, one moment, one laugh, one action, one diverse community, one tree—one flourishing forest—at a time.

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