tagSpace is hiring 3D Graphics/Engine Programmer (Remote Job)

3D Graphics/Engine Programmer 100% REMOTE

Posted: about 1 month
Competitive market rates
UTC+5 -> UTC+12
tagSpace are leaders in location-based AR // Mixed Reality Metaverse and we're looking for a great 3D graphics/engine programmer to join us on a contracted full-time or part-time basis to help us with development for our custom graphics engine and AR runtime tech.
You must have extensive experience implementing 3D graphics code and asset pipelines, writing shaders in HLSL/GLSL and be fluent in C#.
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About tagSpace

tagSpace is a Mixed Reality Metaverse provider, enabling; information, exploration and entertainment at any location in the world.

Regular Users enjoy an enhanced view of the real world.
Creators create, share and monetize their experiences via our no-code, drag n drop creation tools.
Brands purchase Land and activate experiences via custom Zones that are overlaid onto strategic real-world locations.

tagSpace’s Mixed Reality technology works on all mobile devices, is 100% proprietary and backed by several US patents.

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