Unity engine developer, with ECS/DOTS experience.

Posted: 14 days
$24,000 - $ 60,000 per year depending on level of experience

Work on a next gen real-time strategy title - Sanctuary: Shattered Sun!

Our indie studio is working on an exciting RTS title - Sanctuary: Shattered Sun! In this game you can control thousands of units on massive battlefields, and not only that but you can affect the very environment you are playing on, by freezing the seas or destroying the map! Check it out here:  https://store.steampowered.com/app/1699050/Sanctuary_Shattered_Sun/

We are looking for an experienced developer to work on the core systems of the game, making clean, performant and robust code. If you have great attention to detail, write simple and clean code, and love strategy games, then reach out!

Required Skills:

- Be good at making games.
- Enjoy playing strategy games.
- Proficiency in Unity, with a deep understanding how it works.
- Experience with Unity DOTS and ECS (ECS experience in non Unity is good too).
- An attitude to working with care and attention to detail.
- Be self organized and understand the value of delivering on time and on budget.
- Have a Discord account - we use that to communicate with the team instead of a physical office.
- Other skills you think are useful.

What We Offer:

- The flexibility of a fully remote work environment.
- A collaborative atmosphere where we can be creative without too much formality.
- Competitive salary depending on your level of experience.
- You get to work on strategy games.


To apply, please:
  • Send us an email expressing your interest in the job position.
  • Put "Job Application - ECS Developer" in the subject line
  • Attach a resume or cover letter explaining your work experience.
  • Tell us your favourite strategy game in the email body.

We are excited to meet you and are looking forward to making great games together with you!
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About Enhearten Media

We are an indie game studio making RTS games. Our first title, Sanctuary: Shattered Sun, features massive armies thousands of units and dynamic environments that players can freeze or shatter. Check out our game on Steam: Sanctuary: Shattered Sun
We are a fully remote company with team members across the globe, all lovers of both playing and making strategy games.

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