Z House Studios.com is hiring Unreal Engine Game Developer (Remote Job)

Unreal Engine Game Developer 100% REMOTE

Posted: 6 months

• Design, implement and maintain systems and tools to support gameplay (animation, locomotion, navigation, combat, etc.).

• Collaborate with designers, artists, and other programmers as needed.

• Write clear, maintainable, portable, and highly functional code.

• Profile and optimize to remove bottlenecks.

• Test and document code produced.

• Support tools and technology as needed for specific project requirements.

• Mentor and guide less experienced programmers as needed.


• B.Sc. degree in computer science or equivalent experience.

• Minimum four years of professional programming experience within the game industry.

• Good understanding of what makes a game fun and interesting to play.

• Expertise in both C++ and Blueprints.

• Strong programming generalist with solid code architecture skills.

• Proficient in linear algebra.

• Enthusiasm and initiative.

• Excellent spoken and written English communication.

• Able and motivated to work with other team members.

• Commitment to code quality, documentation, and sound testing procedures.



• Specialist in other game programming areas (audio, effects, networking, etc.).


• Being an active gamer.

• Experience with MMORPG

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Z House Studios is a studio founded by a group of passionate gamers with hope and dream to continue to produce industry changing MMORPGs for gamers to truly enjoy for a source of entertainment rather than a corporate scheme entertainment system designed on profit and numbers. In order to ensure the integrity of the values that Z House Studio upholds, we do our best to hire likeminded individuals who come from rich gaming background that want to see the NEXT GREAT MMORPG

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