TinyBytes Games is hiring Full Stack Game Programmer (Remote Job)

Full Stack Game Programmer 100% REMOTE

Posted: 21 days
Latam, South Europe, Eastern Europe ONLY
At Tinybytes, Game Programmers are gameplay masters. Beyond building tech, you will wear your designer hat and make a ton of calls on what goes into, and what doesn’t go into, games. With constant development of both live games and prototypes, game programmers have a ton of responsibilities here, and we’re looking for the best of the best… the type of programmers we can build entire game teams around.


  • Involvement in all areas of game development including Cameras, Game Logic, AI, UI, Physics, Controls, etc.
  • Development and integration of social features (Multiplayer, Leaderboards, Clans, Chat, Events, Tournaments, etc.)
  • Design, implementation, launch and maintenance of high scalability backend for connected games available in Live Ops service mode
  • Contribute to the best stability, scalability and availability practices of connected services
  • Test and adjust a high volume of fragmented database systems
  • Update, improve and optimize games based on user metrics
  • Offer 360 support periodically to the production environment
  • Work as part of a team, but with plenty of opportunity to take responsibility on an individual level
  • Contribute to video game design decisions


  • Passion for games
  • Wide understanding of different game technology areas (gameplay, graphics, tools etc.)
  • Strong experience with Unity and scripting languages
  • Ability to quickly get up to speed with existing code
  • Understanding/experience with Free to Play model
  • Database design, implementation skills, good base in SQL
  • Ability to think clearly under pressure. It is unlikely (however possible) to have cases of server crashes in our games, and we hope you can help in fixing a series of problems in a production environment
  • Commitment to tasks, autonomy and high level of initiative and energy
  • An open and respectful attitude towards others and their work


  • Knowledge of network protocols
  • Familiar with Cloud computing
  • Previous experience with high performance and stress systems
  • Experience in server development without application servers
  • Advanced knowledge of programs such as: Unity, PHP, C #, C ++, Java, JavaScript, Python, NodeJS, Ruby, Cloud SQL, SQL Server, Cloud Datastore, Nginx, Redis, Cloud Datastore, HTML / CSS, AssetBundles, AWS and DynamoDB, among others


  • The opportunity to work together with colleagues with extensive international experience in the video game industry
  • Work remotely (Home Office)
  • Flexible schedule
  • Clear responsibilities
  • Delegation of tasks
  • Work autonomy
  • Continuous communication
  • Tool support
  • Competitive market salary
  • Incentives for performance and results
  • Holidays
  • ½ day holiday on your birthday
  • Health coverage
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