TinyBytes Games is hiring 3D Artist for Marketing Creative (Remote Job)

3D Artist for Marketing Creative 100% REMOTE

Posted: 11 days
Art and Animation
Latin America, South of Europe & Eastern Europe ONLY
We at TinyBytes Games are looking for a talented 3D Artist to strengthen our marketing side with solid 3D, animation, rendering for current and upcoming titles.

We are looking for a 3D Artist, with the motivation and ability to impact millions of players with your ads and drive them to install our games. The role consists of manipulating pre-existing 3D assets and assembling scenes in our games so that they are later edited in video advertisements that will be channeled in ad networks (Facebook, Google Ads, Unity Ads, Tik Tok, etc.) or in static screenshots for the download pages of the games in the app stores. It requires work in the Unity editor. The artist will be working closely with the User Acquisition team.

Our teams are small and agile; taking responsibility is a must and a passion for excellence in the details is essential to our success. In the creative process we encourage independence, critical thinking, data driven decisions, and open communication.

We work remotely, establishing clear responsibilities, delegating tasks, giving and expecting work autonomy, continuous communication, support in different tools and flexible hours. This is a home office opportunity, so you can work from your home or a local coworking space

We have a stellar team. We have a creative, innovative environment, with first-class professionals. Furthermore, we offer great benefits such as competitive market salary, incentives for performance and results, vacations, health coverage, worker insurance, flexible hours and remote work.


  • Build high quality graphics and video assets for use in worldwide marketing materials.
  • Create cutscenes and custom posed renders with existing 3D assets in Unity.
  • Process already-created assets and produce a range of formats in different specifications (resizes, re-layouts, localizations).
  • Generate ideas on new content / cutscenes for static and video ads.
  • Work according to feedback.
  • Contributing to the establishment of an asset test and iteration plan that optimizes production times.


  • Experience with Unity to capture in-game footage using game engine cameras it’s a must.
  • Experience in any of 3D software (3DS Max, Blender, Maya).
  • Experience with Photoshop.
  • Excellent eye for composition, color, illumination, and form.
  • Intermediate or higher English.
  • Proactivity.


  • 3D Animation skills.
  • Spanish, Russian.


  • The opportunity to work together with colleagues with extensive international experience in the video game industry
  • Work remotely (Home Office)
  • Flexible schedule
  • Clear responsibilities
  • Delegation of tasks
  • Work autonomy
  • Continuous communication
  • Tool support
  • Competitive market salary
  • Incentives for performance and results
  • Holidays
  • ½ day holiday on your birthday
  • Health coverage
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