TDO Games is hiring Unity Programmer (Remote Job)

Unity Programmer 100% REMOTE

Posted: 10 days
TDO Games (Barcelona, Spain) is looking for passionate and experienced Unity Programmer to improve its Tennis Fighter multiplayer video game.

Tennis Fighters

• Have 4+ years of experience in Unity game development
• Experience with Photon multiplayer engines
• Able to understand / respect the code and improve over existing code
• Able to present solutions
• Able to takes initiatives
• Good Communication Skill
• Able to manage stress
• Long – term colaboration

• Experience in animation / procedural / dynamic
• Experience in Lighting / Visuals
• Fan of Tennis
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About TDO Games

TDO Games is an indie game studio based in Barcelona, Spain. We're currently working on Tennis Fighters, a mix of Tennis and Fighting. 

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