2D Artist

Posted: about 2 months
Art and Animation
£25,000 - £30,000pa depending on experience
UK Only
Our next game has a heavy art requirement, so we're putting together a team to work with our Lead Artist to produce consistent, award-worthy graphics and animation. 

We're looking to fill TWO artist positions.

Salary: £25,000 - £30,000pa depending on experience

You MUST be UK-based, paid through PAYE

Full time: 10am - 6pm, or thereabouts, with lunch obv

This is at least a 12 month contract, with scope to carry on after that

Remote working, using your own hardware/ software. Photoshop is a must, please

You MUST be able to recreate our Lead Artist's style
- that means cartoony characters and backdrops like the image below. This is critical. Even if you've never worked in games before and don't even understand the technical requirements of video game art, but can nail the art style: we want to hear from you. This is the ONLY thing that is vitally, vitally important.

IT WOULD BE NICE if you had animation skills,
particularly in [Spine]. It's not a total crisis if not, we can help skill you up if you're interested in that kind of thing, but the ideal candidates will have some animation experience.

You'll be working with the Designers and Lead Artist to put together 2D assets for the game. That will largely mean characters, backgrounds and cutscenes, but may also include UI and Key Art.



  • we strive to be a very cool and chill and friendly place to work
  • zero crunch
  • standard holiday/ bank holiday/ pensions benefits
  • menstrual leave policy
  • mental health policy
  • minimal meetings policy


We're working on an unannounced 2D comedy narrative adventure game. It is wildly anti-fascist in nature. 

The game itself is very funny, and very rude. If you want to get a handle on the tone, have a look at a playthrough of our previous game [Lair of the Clockwork God], that's the level of silliness-and-filth that you're looking at. 

You'll need to be comfortable with rude jokes, but rest assured we always always punch upwards here.


We want to hear from absolutely everyone.
The only critical thing here is you can recreate assets in the style of our Lead Artist, beyond that your background isn't important. At Size Five we feel we're at our best when input comes from a wide variety of life experiences, and as such we're always keen to hear from as diverse a range of voices as possible.


Please don’t bother applying.
We're looking to hire actual artists with real, genuine, applicable skills.


send an email:

you include a link to your portfolio, INCLUDING links to any art you feel shows off your ability to recreate our art style

you meet all the requirements above

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We largely make comedy games, one of which won us a BAFTA.

From 2022 we’re delighted to announce a new venture: consulting! Size Five is available for any narrative design work you may require - we have an excellent reputation for making very funny games, and we’d love to bring that skill to your project, and help pep it up a bit. 

We love hearing from people, honest we do – whether you’re providing feedback for one of our games, want to hire us to advise on your words, have gotten yourself into a pickle of some sort, or simply want to say hello, the best thing to do is to drop us a line and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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