Reality Games: Senior Unity Developer (Remote Job)

Senior Unity Developer 100% REMOTE

Posted: 25 days
We are looking for a Senior Unity Developer for F2P games played by millions of players around the whole world.
On this position you will be using Unity Engine to create innovative games based on big data and help bring them to mobile platforms with worldwide reach. You will be working closesly with game designers, artists and other programmers while implementing game features that are closely tied to server resources created by our backend and big data engineers.

You should have at least 2 years of commercial experience with Unity and at least one title shipped

  • has broad general technical knowledge — and knows specific subjects in depth,
  • is able to lead architecture of a large system,
  • is focused on team and company goals and their effective delivery,
  • feels accountable for the team performance,
  • builds trust by showing and admitting their vulnerabilities,
  • debates productively within the whole company,
  • is able to listen and react constructively to ideas from less experienced people,
  • shares team’s failures openly and constructively,
  • leads by example in both technical and organisational domains,
  • reacts with pragmatism and positivity in the face of challenging situations,
  • delegates effectively,
  • is great at sharing information,
  • challenges others,
  • gives constructive feedback,
  • seeks and is able to receive feedback, especially negative one.

  • Strong experience with mobile platform debugging and profiling
  • Experience with using Unity Editor Tests Runner
  • Experience with using network API in client-server communication
  • Knowledge of Unity rendering pipeline and Cg/HLSL
  • Strong knowledge of C# language
  • Knowledge of Unity DOTS
  • Experience using version control software
  • Experience using Unity Analytics and other 3rd party analytics SDK

  • build innovative multiplayer big data based games in Unity for mobile platforms in dedicated product teams
  • take part in creating development workflows on every stage of production and maintenance of launched titles
  • build dedicated location-aware and multiplayer-enabled game features
  • create and maintain development tools
  • work with colleagues from other fields like art and design to optimize development process and work quality during project development
  • guide junior developers in your project and exchange knowledge with other Unity developers working on other titles
  • help game designers to verify and enhance ideas for new games with your technical expertise
  • work closely with backend engineers on implementing and improving client-server communication
  • help create company-wide standards for Unity developers

Company overview

Reality Games is a new and exciting mobile gaming studio. The Company is creating games and building a gaming engine that will allow us to take live, real world data and combine it with proven game mechanics to generate high retention mobile games. Our games, Landlord Tycoon and Landlord Go proved to be successful worldwide.

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