Playmake is hiring Gameplay Engineer (Remote Job)

Gameplay Engineer 100% REMOTE

Posted: 6 months

Playmake is hiring a Gameplay Engineer!

Hi there! I’m Andrew, CEO of Playmake.
Are you our next Gameplay Engineer? I hope you are -- our first game has been live for only a few months, and we have 250K+ players waiting for updates!

About Playmake

We’re the first studio making games for the 140M players on Roblox.
We’re a small but growing team, with experience creating fun for millions of players at companies like Apple, Unity, and Hasbro.
We were fully-remote before the pandemic, and remain fully-remote. You can work from anywhere that has a good Internet connection.

We feel that if you’re going to give players cosmetic items, you’d better make them distinctive.

What you’ll do as a Gameplay Engineer

You'll develop across the entire scope of our games: movement and physics, progression and leveling, and cosmetic item systems.

How to know if you’re a good fit

We’re looking for gameplay engineers who can:

  • Be a generalist. See “across the entire scope of our games” above!
  • Own high-level features (at the scope of “touchscreen auto-aim” or “daily rewards”) end-to-end. You’ll have support from 3D modellers and 2D artists, but the core feature design is yours.
  • Write code that the player touches directly. You should know what fun feels like on a very low level of player UI, whether it’s the physics of tossing a coconut or the feel of pressing an “upgrade” button.
  • Work in games that are real-time, and involve some degree of physics/avatar movement.

We don’t care about specific languages. If you’ve made games in any mainstream programming language (including but not limited to Python, C++, C#, Objective-C, Android Java, Javascript), we want to talk to you.

Our level designer may have been playing a LOT of Mario 64.

How to apply

Play our first game so you get an idea of what we work on!

Then contact me,, with links to playable games you’ve made, and we’ll go from there.
That’s me, our CEO, about to get murdered. I’m not very good at playing the Sheriff!


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