Nightmire AS is hiring Lead Godot Developer (Remote Job)

Lead Godot Developer 100% REMOTE

Posted: 20 days
Lead / Principal
Nightmire is looking for a skilled lead developer proficient in the Godot engine. You will plan and implement solutions for the game, and consult/guide other developers on the team. Examples of specifics we are going to need are level loading/streaming, procedural animations, enemy and NPC AI, and triggered events. Both part and fulltime work is of interest. 

The Bog is an emotional adventure through a terrifying underwater realm. You play as the defenseless baby otter Lino, who is struggling to survive in a hostile world whilst searching for his mom who abandoned him. At its core it is a game about empathy, selflessness and sticking together in a dark and hostile world. The game is in 2D, but uses 3D creatures.

We are looking for someone who is skilled, passionate and kind; someone who is a pleasant collaborator and loves the process of creating something beautiful together with a team. 
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About Nightmire AS

Nightmire is creating games with the intent of giving the players powerful emotional experiences that linger. Games can be something more than just "fun", and we have set out on exploring these possibilities. We care about atmosphere, immersion and powerful stories. 

We are currently a small remote team of 8, and to us our tenets are to work in a low stress environment that encourages kind and respectful collaboration. We are currently a newly established studio, and working on our first project The Bog. We have great ambitions to become a big player in the industry, making games with integrity that our audience will cherish. 

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