Godot Engine Integration with the Nebulas Blockchain 100% REMOTE

Posted: about 1 month
Requirements for the developer
  • Excellent understanding of the Godot engine to create an all-inclusive SDK package for developers;
  • The creation of clear documentation (in english & can be translated to other languages via other projects);
  • Offer support to users of the SDK;
  • The creation of a demo/example of the SDK;
  • Creation of a free and open-source codebase with a public domain license;
  • Fix bugs and maintain the codebase. Future updates and features can be new projects with compensation;
  • Understanding of blockchain technology and the Nebulas blockchain: (wiki, nebulas.io).
Features and requirements
  • The ability to interact with the blockchain such as view, sign and verify transactions per end-user;
  • Manage the creation of on-chain addresses/wallet and the ability to backup the address private key for the end-user in-game (documentation);
  • Compatible and interact with NRC-20 tokens allowing game makers to create their own game token economy on Nebulas, use an existing token or Nebulas' native asset NAS (documentation);
  • Compatible and interact with NRC-721 tokens allowing for unique elements that can be added to games, trade with others and allowing for the developers to create unique assets (documentation);
  • End-user experience is of utmost importance and should not require the player to directly interact with the blockchain. All functions must be built into the SDK;
  • The SDK should be a complete class, easily accessible for the developer. Can be developed with either GDScript or GDNative (C++);
  • The SDK must be accepted and included to the Godot asset-library;
  • Must function with the latest version of Godot plus future version 4.0;
  • The SDK must be fully documented with example code;
  • A sample of the SDK with a simple game (can be an existing free, open-sourced game) must be developed to demonstrate how and why to use the SDK;
Optional features
  • Give the option for game developers to easily create a digital store within the game where assets can be purchased and traded; *Interoperability between different games and developers that can share the same digital currency;
Questions about development
If you have additional questions about the requirements or technical details, please leave a message.

To apply for this project, please visit https://go.nebulas.io/project/293, "Claim" the project and be sure to list your qualifications.
If you found this job listing helpful, please mention how you found it when applying. This will only help us get you and others more job listings on the site 🙏.

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