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Game Developer 100% REMOTE

Posted: 4 months
Latent Space is a Series A funded company on a mission to democratize creativity by making the world's first fully AI-rendered 3D engine.

Our team is a collaborative group of researchers and engineers from both academia and industry. We are focused on generative modeling, large-scale distributed training, and computer graphics. We also work with collaborators who are in the top of their field with experience from DeepMind, OpenAI, Google Brain, and Unity 3D.

As a Game Developer, you will:

  • Develop core networking technology, persist large-scale user worlds, and establish a collaborative multiplayer experience for creative empowerment of our users.
  • Integrate with state of the art machine learning models and bleeding-edge frameworks, such as Unity Barracuda.
  • Rapidly iterate on gameplay and UX within Unity3D using never-before-seen interactions and controls.

  • Experience developing and shipping applications in Unity 3D, including custom rendering pipelines and multiplayer networking.
  • Enthusiasm for the application of machine learning to the gaming industry.
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