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Art and Animation
Eligible to work in Canada
*Work from home. Must be eligible to work in Canada. 

Mid Animator

- Animators are the backbone of this department.

- They are expected to consistently produce at the quality and output level determined by their production.

- They should be able to tackle a wider range of shots while focusing on improving their polish. 

- An Animator should have a solid understanding of show style and what it takes to get a shot approved. 

- Their scenes and workflow are clean and organized to the standards expected from them. 

- An Animator will do their best to solve a problem by themselves but not afraid to ask for help when they are stuck.

Senior Animator

- Senior Animators are the seasoned veterans on each line. 

- They are expected to animate more complex or technically challenging shots to a high level of polish, all while consistently maintaining their quota.

- Seniors are expected to take greater care in the details of their performance and generate a minimum of notes. 

- Senior Animators have the added responsibility of mentoring and guiding the Junior Animators on their line by teaching them efficient work flow and good habits. 

- They should lead by example and assist their lead when asked upon.  
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