Giant Army / Universe Sandbox is hiring User Experience Engineer (Remote Job)

User Experience Engineer 100% REMOTE

Posted: 11 days

Universe Sandbox is a space and gravity simulator masquerading as a video game with over 800,000 unit sales and an overwhelmingly positive 95% rating on Steam.

Giant Army is looking for a creative and highly technical software engineer to help implement and polish the interface that controls the universe.

This position will work closely with our creator & designer, and with support from the rest of the team, to execute our vision of a clean, minimalistic, accessible interface. Universe Sandbox development is one-half UI and one-half simulation; you should have a passion for both.

We embrace responsive design to use the same UI and codebase across all platforms (currently on Desktop, VR/AR, while working toward mobile and console releases). You should have an eye for interface animations, and take delight in pixel-perfect polish and consistency.

You might be the perfect candidate if you've ever agonized over blurry UI elements that are supposed to be crisp, or a UI transition that’s slightly too fast. We take heavy inspiration from Google’s Material Design system.

This is a full-time, remote position working with a 100% remote team.
Join us. We’re making something incredible that’s unlike anything else.

Your Role
  • Implement UI that makes our complex simulation accessible, based on our designer’s mockups and style guide
    • Overall design has been established and there’s a backlog of UI to be implemented, but there will always be edge cases that need design help
  • Maintain and proactively iterate on UI in our Unity project
  • Constantly evaluate motion, spacing, and timing to create a smooth experience
  • Stay current on Unity UI tech and trends
  • Think critically about and help us solve complex UX problems
    • Where does a new property go? What is it named? How do you show that it’s related to another property?

  • Strong C# skills
  • Experience with creating user interfaces in Unity (we use uGUI, but are looking to UI Toolkit for the future)
  • Excited about clean design and elegant user experiences
  • Strong attention to detail and a love of polish & iteration
  • Passion for science, astronomy, and real-time interactive simulations
  • Love of fantastical what-if scenarios: (note citation #6 on 148)
  • Ability to see things from our user’s perspective
  • Enjoys video games; experience with Steam
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