Technical Artist

Posted: about 1 month
$60,000 - $80,000
Prefer overlap of 4 hours with Pacific Standard Time Zone
We are currently looking for a Technical Artist for the Kaidro Game.
The ideal candidate must have extensive experience and knowledge of game design and development with a creative and hands-on attitude amplified by an entrepreneurial spirit for technical excellence. You will work with a team that comprises engineers, programmers, designers, artists, etc. Expertise, affinity, and passion for gaming are a must. Experience/knowledge in NFTs is a plus.
This is an opportunity to change the gaming space while working with our Kaidro Game engineering team with your hands-on skills and energy.
  • Work closely with the team to understand project requirements, work with various artists to guide creation of visual effects, materials, rigs, etc. 
  • Assist communication between programmers and artists to meet technical goals
  • Help to create content guidelines for artists
  • Bring art content into the game and make sure it follows guidelines for quality and specifications
  • Analyze feature requests for viability, design completeness, risks, etc.
  • Design, manage and maintain the pipeline from artists and designers though to deployment
  • Use profiling tools to analyze content to optimize memory and performance
  • Create scripts and/or tools to help artist perform their job quicker and/or more efficiently

Essential Skills and Qualifications
  • 4-10+ years of experience designing games professionally for PC, or Mobile, Console, or Browser
  • A solid understanding of Unreal 4/5 with regards to Blueprints, Materials, Level Streaming, etc.
  • An understanding of the Unreal animation system: Montages, Animation Events, and other gameplay connections
  • An understanding of trigonometry and vector math
  • A foundation in at least one ‘traditional’ category such as level design, environment art, animation or coding
  • Experience writing in scripting languages: Python or 3D modeling scripting languages
  • Organization savvy.
  • Affinity for perfection.
  • The ability to predict and plan around a fast-moving market.
  • Fanatical gaming knowledge of farming, city-builder, simulation, or real-time-strategy titles.
  • An eye for performance.
  • Positive and articulate communication and interpersonal skills both spoken and written.
  • Self-motivated, stellar work ethic, fun collaborator.
Nice-to-Have Skills and Qualifications
  • Project Management and team working experience.
  • Knowledge in blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrency.
  • Experience shipping a multiplayer title.
Overall, the Technical Artist will act as the key bridge between artist and engineers. As Technical Artist, they should understand the importance of art workflows and pipelines on the efficiency of an art team and find ways to bring economy to multiple areas of art production. They will be involved in project team meetings and review project progress. They will also liaise with key stakeholders to achieve project objectives. They are a proactive technical expert and an effective project manager. They possesses good communication skills and an eye for detail.

About Gadget-Bot Productions

Gadget-Bot is a creative production company located in Los Angeles, California, co-founded by Peggy Chung and Robert Simons. For over 11 years, we have continued to provide designs for the entertainment industry. Our team's most recent contributions include designs for Respawn's Apex Legends, Riot's Valorant, Treyarch's Call of Duty Franchise, and PUBG. In the cinematic world, we have had the honor of working on projects such as Jurassic World, Pacific Rim, and Battle Angel: Alita, and numerous others.

Gadget-Bot is working on an unannounced animation and game- interest in anime and mangas, crypto technology, blockchain gaming and a nerd for entertainment is a plus!

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