FRAME BREAK is hiring C++ Programmer (Remote Job)

C++ Programmer 100% REMOTE

Posted: about 2 months
Reachable between 9 AM to 4 PM CET.


  • Entry level full-time game dev position
    • Not an internship, not a temp gig. You’ll be a full member of the team! 
  • Remote position
    • For the foreseeable future, you’ll be expected and encouraged to work from home. Once it is safe to do so, we will return to our offices and (if you wish) help you relocate to join us. 
  • Competitive salary
    • You shouldn’t have to suffer to be a game dev. We pay our employees enough to live comfortably.
  • Creative influence from the get-go 
    • As an early member of our team, your voice will be heard loud and clear. You’ll have direct input on our current and future games’ development.
  • Regular Swedish employment benefits
    • As FRAME BREAK is based in Sweden we will of course provide the standard benefits, such as 5 weeks of paid vacation time per year and strict limits on overtime work.

What you'll be doing at FRAME BREAK

If what's written below sounds fun and exciting, you're a perfect candidate for this job!

As part of the FRAME BREAK team, you will partake in plenty of meetings, playtests, brainstorming, and collaboration. Here are the responsibilities unique to your position:

You will be working with both Unreal Engine Blueprints and pure C++ to develop the systems, mechanics, and features that make Farmech stand out as a unique take on the farming genre. Your code will be well-commented and your variables clearly named and labelled so the rest of the team is able to work with your creations. You will be prepared to spend a lot of time optimising code and fixing bugs, both your own and others’.

If you have experience in developing online multiplayer functionality, you will evaluate the existing project and put together a strategy for how to implement it into Farmech. If the strategy is not deemed too time-consuming, your schedule will be reprioritized into implementing and maintaining the multiplayer mode in addition to other features.

If you lack the experience but think you compensate in sheer talent, we’ll still take a look at your application!
  • Experience in game development or equivalent education.
  • Experience programming in C++.
    • Preferably work experience but hobby projects also count!
  • Able to work remotely and be reachable between 9 AM to 4 PM CET.
  • Fluent communication in English.

Useful skills
You should know this or be willing and able to learn quickly.
  • Experience using Unreal Engine 4.
  • Experience using Blueprint in UE4.
  • Well-versed in version control software.

Bonus skills
Not required but will help your chances.
  • Experience developing online multiplayer functionality.

You as a person
The more these apply to you, the better!
  • Team player with the ability to give and receive feedback graciously.
  • Interested in all aspects of game development. Instead of simply staying in your lane, you participate in discussions and give your input in areas beyond the game’s code.
  • Have an inquisitive, explorative mind, willing to experiment and discover new genres.
  • Want to join us at FRAME BREAK in creating games that break the mold.

How to apply

If you're staring at this screen and can't decide if you should apply, DO IT! We believe in you! 
If you still have some lingering questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Send the following material to
  • Cover letter.
  • Resumé.
  • Document containing a short piece of code (up to 30 lines) you’ve written and feel proud of + a short explanation on why that is.
  • Links to games you've worked on/other media that showcase your skills.
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