Experienced MMO devs for highly ambitious blockchain game 100% REMOTE

Posted: about 1 month
Salary: $25k – $50k

For obvious reasons we can't disclose too much information yet.

We're basically mapping the entire world from the stone age up to and including the 15th century and giving players the freedom to do and become whomever they want within that setting. 50% game, 50% social experiment, 100% fun and educational awesomeness - straight to your phone or PC.

We need one or more devs with experienced in MMO system architecture to steer us away from the many pitfalls and mistakes that inevitable come (in abundance) when building an MMORPG.

Through our co-founder, the CEO of realitygaminggroup.com, we have access to some of the top blockchain devs in the world as well as free ad hoc man-hours from their existing team.

What we really need is someone who's taken on the MMO challenge before, no matter if they succeeded or not. Sometimes it's the failure that teaches you the most and sets you up for success.

*We will collect prospects during the Q1 and Q2 and o ly contact those we seem fit for the role.
Thanks for your time and patience. :)
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