Real Time Strategy Game Map Maker | "Mapper"

Posted: about 2 months
Art and Animation
Junior / Associate
$1200-3500 per calendar month
Your Role:
We are looking for someone art focused to help us with creating maps for the game - where such maps represent several kilometers of playable area, and feature terrain features such as beautiful mountains, lakes, valleys, and more. There will also be some maps with mechanical elements, or unique environments - such as a fiberglass shard desert. The role will revolve around sculpting the terrain features and creating the map visuals according to a map design.

To have a clearer idea of what you would be making, here is a map as seen in our game:
One of our maps: "Forge"
While you wait for our email reply you can even try out our map editor.
It's available from our discord, here is our discord:
there is a channel there called #sanctuary-map-editor, you can download it from there. If you request the mapper role, you'll also have access to text and video tutorials on how to use it.

  • Creating terrain heightmaps for our maps
  • Working in our map editor to place features such as props and decals
  • Working with the team to make the maps visually appealing and functional

The perfect candidate would:
  • Have experience with working on large terrain features or RTS maps
  • Like real time strategy games
  • Know how to get work done
  • Know the difference between good and bad things

  • Flexible working hours
  • Fully remote
  • Part time positions or contract based positions will also be considered
  • Small friendly team
  • Room for creativity and self directed work
  • Salary negotiable based on experience - $1200-3500 per calendar month

Desired skills:
  • Substance designer/ Substance painter
  • Blender, or other 3d modelling software
  • 3D model creation skills
  • Experience with generating natural terrain features - mountains, valleys
  • Working knowledge of Unity
Job Expired

About Enhearten Media

We are an indie studio whose team was brought together to create a next generation large scale RTS - Sanctuary: Shattered Sun. We are passionate and fun, and share our love for RTS games, including titles like Supreme Commander and Total Annihilation. The role will be fully remote, with completely flexible working hours - we are completely remote company with no physical office, so you can work from anywhere.


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