Unity DOTS Developer

Posted: about 1 year
Lead / Principal
2,500€ - 4,000€/month
Hi, We're Enhearten Media, we're making a grand scale Real Time Strategy called Sanctuary, and we're looking for a Unity DOTS programmer.
Sanctuary RTS
Unity DOTS Developer :

We're looking for contractors or to fill a long term position (3 years at least) within our company. We're an international company (incorporated in Australia: "Enhearten Media Pty Ltd") so the position is for full work-from-home.
2,500€ - 4,000€/month

What We Are Looking For :

hard requirements :
  • someone with a mastery of DOTS (gen 2 at least) 

soft requirements : 
  • good oral English
  • comfortable with Discord
  • a jovial and friendly attitude 

The Company and the Mission :

The idea with Sanctuary RTS is to make a strategy game that takes cues and improves upon Chris Taylor - style RTSes and bring them into the modern era while filling that specific niche. 

Job Expired

About Enhearten Media

We are an indie studio whose team was brought together to create a next generation large scale RTS - Sanctuary: Shattered Sun. We are passionate and fun, and share our love for RTS games, including titles like Supreme Commander and Total Annihilation. The role will be fully remote, with completely flexible working hours - we are completely remote company with no physical office, so you can work from anywhere.


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