Enhearten Media is hiring 2D Artist / Concept Artist (Remote Job)

2D Artist / Concept Artist 100% REMOTE

Posted: 15 days
Art and Animation
$18,000 - $30,000 / year

We're looking for an artist to produce for us mock-ups and concepts (including the ideas) for our flora, environment, buildings, scenes, etc.

Here are a couple examples :
map, landscape concept art
another concept
concept 3
concept 4
bridge crossing
Shattered Dyson Sphere
UI concept
Photoshoped Mock-up
photoshop 1
photoshop 2
photoshop 3

You would work in a tight-knit circle and with multiple back and forths per day with the Art team Lead and the other members of the team and that is how you would be given tasks although also you would be required to constantly produce new concepts and art enriching our universe spontaneously.

For a crash-course on our game go here : https://www.sanctuary-rts.com/lore
then here : https://www.sanctuary-rts.com/factions

and watch this short video : 

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About Enhearten Media

Enhearten Media is a fully digital company (no physical offices) that has now been in operation two years with the express goal of creating a huge traditional Real Time Strategy game. It's first (and right now only title) is called Sanctuary, is still in development and is Enhearten Media's main goal.

This team includes members from France, Australia, The United Kingdom, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Poland, Canada, Germany, South Africa, The United States, Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico and Turkey.

This cultural plurality unites us as well as our adoration for RTS.

If you found this job listing helpful, please mention how you found it when applying. This will only help us get you and others more job listings on the site 🙏.

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