Cradaptive is hiring Unreal C++ Developer (Remote Job)

Unreal C++ Developer 100% REMOTE

Posted: 28 days
Problems are not always clear cut; this is why you will need to be someone that can come up with solutions without much handholding. You will also be given an opportunity to grow since you will have access to senior developers as well as resources to grow.

Who we are looking for
We are currently looking for a self-motivated Unreal Developer. At the core, you should be passionate about building things. Ideally at a Senior developer level. Someone who is available to work during standard working hours even while being fully remote.
Bonus points if you have the ability to teach others too, since we would be bringing more people into the team. Being able to mentor and guide will also be a selling point. You would mostly own the projects you work on. With the freedom to approach and solve problems in your way. Using the guiding principles of our company.
Your skills and talents
·        You live and breathe Unreal, that means you have heard of every aspect of the engine even though you are not specialized in those sections. We don’t expect you to have used all aspects of it, but you should know about them as well as used a lot of them.
·        C++ is a part of you, this means you can convert ideas and documents into code.
·        You have an excellent understanding of blueprints and know when they are a better choice than C++.
·        You love design patterns and know this is required for writing code that can last and be extended, bonus points if you know about or have previously used SOLID principles.
·        GIT is a requirement for projects you work on. You understand how useful source control is, and have worked previously with them using the GIT flow pattern, pull requests as well as branches.
·        You have worked with others previously in a team.
·        You can come up with solutions to problems on your own.
·        Bug fixing is a game that you enjoy, jumping into a new code base is something you look forward to.
·        Open to learning new tools and technology to get projects done.
·        3 years + Experience with Unreal and C++.
·        Previously published games (Mobile or PC)
·        You love playing games
What we provide
·        On -Time Salary payment
·        Freedom to work from your own location
·        Growth opportunity
·        Ability to own and build projects from scratch
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