Cosmic Turtle: Part-Time Junior Social Media Manager (Remote Job)

Part-Time Junior Social Media Manager 100% REMOTE

Posted: about 2 months
Community Management
Cosmic Turtle is looking for a clever, funny, resourceful junior-level social media manager to work very part time (<=10 hours/week) remotely to build and maintain a following for Cosmic Turtle’s online presence as well as our upcoming game, Moustachevania.

This position is great for college students who need some extra cash, or for anybody wanting to get some experience in the game industry without quitting their regular job yet.

  • Manage social media accounts for Cosmic Turtle and Moustachevania
  • Manage a Moustachevania Discord server
  • Interact with fans
  • Create a post schedule for all accounts, as well as relevant subreddits
  • Set up automation to adhere to the post schedule when possible, and be available to post manually when and where automation won’t work
  • Whatever makes sense as an extension of any of the above bullet points
  • Demonstrated fluency with social media: You’ve done something interesting with it on your own already, like run a youtube channel or a novelty twitter account or… I don’t know, something cool I never would have thought of.
  • Solid English writing skills (technically/grammatically as well as creatively)
  • Ability to receive payment via PayPal, Venmo, or something equally convenient
  • Bonus: Basic graphic design skills for making/captioning/titling marketing images
  • Preferred: You live in the Western Hemisphere for timezone/communication convenience.
What does it pay?

$20/hour + negotiable allowance for software and subscriptions
(If you need something that isn’t a subscription product to do your job and it isn’t expensive, you can have it. For subscription products and services, you’re welcomed to use them for non-Cosmic Turtle activities, even for-profit. There might be exceptions, though.)

What’s cool about this job?

Less than part-time hours? Lame! So what’s cool about this?

Freedom and flexibility. Whatever crazy ideas you have for posts and promotion, we can talk through them and refine them and give them a try. You’ll also be treated as part of the development team, with access to internal progress updates and builds. And if we raise additional funding, I’ll increase the hours available for this job (and the hourly rate) accordingly.

How to Apply

(This job has been filled.)

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