Alderon Games Pty Ltd is hiring AI Programmer (Remote Job)

AI Programmer 100% REMOTE

Posted: 3 months
Alderon Games development team is working on a cross-platform MMO dinosaur survival game built in Unreal Engine 4. The studio is looking to contract an experienced AI programmer to build out dinosaurs AI systems.  This is an expansive project with the studio preference of placing an engineer as a long term hire through the life cycle of the game.

Expected Tasks
  • Develop an AI system within Unreal Engine 4, via C++, behaviour trees, and utility matrix.
  • Work within the strict memory budget limits of mobile phones and cross-platform gaming.
  • Modular code design 
  • AI will spawn alongside and interact with other players.

Required Skills
  • Previous experience with Unreal Engine AI systems.
  • Thorough C++ and Unreal knowledge.
  • Experience with working on multiplayer networked games.
  • Good social skills, conflict resolution, work ethic, and a good attitude will work best when working with the rest of the team.

Preferred Skills
  • Experience with quadruped animation in regard to AI
  • Mathematics degrees or similar background
  • UE4 networking optimization

Work Environment
We are a globally distributed studio. Team language is English.  The team has mostly worked as remote engineers and artists for the last 5+ years and take great effort to make sure the studio has all the tools desired to make the remote work environment comfortable and productive.

If you have any questions please be sure to ask.

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