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Order Details

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  1. The price for a single job listing is $29. Each job remains on the site for 45 days.
  2. You are buying Multipel Job Listings. This allows you to buy more than one job ad space at once, and can get you up to %25 discount based on how many jobs you buy.
  3. You will receive your job listings as vouchers by email, and can redeem them anytime you want to make a job listing.
  4. If you just wish to post a single job, you have the option to post it yourself directly here. That way the job will go live instantly.
  5. This job listing site is only for Remote Paid Game Jobs. If your job listing is not a remote job, not game related, or if this is not a paid job, then your job listing does not belong here, and is considered in violation of our terms, and could be removed.
  6. You may only advertise one job position per job listing. If you need to advertise for multiple job positions, you need to create a separate job listing for each position.
  7. If you need to edit your job details, or have other inquiries, please contact us at, and we will be happy to help.