VestGames is hiring UI/UX Artist (Remote Job)

UI/UX Artist 100% REMOTE

Posted: 15 days
UI/UX Artist
  • Remote
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Job Description
VestGames is looking for an UI Artist for an upcoming computer game. This position is paid and remote.

You will develop and implement a new, clean fantasy user interface experience by creating graphic elements and icons for our game Eville. We are creating this game with Unreal Engine.

The main and routine tasks of the Artist are to:

  • Understand the game design documents to understand the intended user experience
  • Design and implement platform-specific user menus and interfaces and preserve the uniformity of the visual and logical aspects of the user interfaces for all platforms
  • Interact and collaborate with team members from different work units (design, art, programming, etc.)
  • Assure that game information is well conveyed through the various user interfaces.
  • Understand the implementations and respect technical constraints
  • Design user interface and HUD display systems that are visually appealing, intuitive and effective
  • Apply and maintain a consistent artistic standard for the entire interface of a project and respect brand guidelines
  • Design the functions, appearance and handling ease of the interface and prototypes by working in collaboration with game design and programming teams
  • Help establish current design priorities, shortcoming and find creative solutions
  • Design and create high-quality artistic game elements by relying on their expertise in standard software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
  • Carry out all other related tasks.

Relevant Experience:
Minimum 1-3 years’ recognized experience in innovative and intuitive user interface design. Prior experience in the gaming industry.

Skills and Knowledge
  • Autonomy and proactive work ethic; Problem-solving skills
  • Prior Experience working in game interfaces
  • Organization skills to define and estimate tasks
  • Excellent cross-team communication skills and Ability to work collaboratively in an open team environment
  • Ability to quickly adapt to change
  • Knowledge of Console and controller friendly UI
  • Excellent graphic design skills (design, layout, typography)
  • Ability to design and implement UI to improve the ergonomic quality of the game
  • UX Experience an asset
  • Knowledge of current trends in graphic and user interface design
  • Knowledge of ergonomic user interface structures as they pertain to game design
  • Knowledge of ergonomics (comfort and accessibility)
  • Fluency in English, spoken and written. German an asset.

Please send portfolio link and cover letter with application.
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