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Technical Artist 100% REMOTE

Posted: 11 months
Art and Animation
We seek a technical artist to join our team and help us create our vision for The Bog. The Bog is a suspenseful 2D survival horror game about a baby otter searching for his mom in the depths of a murky bog.

Our team currently consists of artist and director Lykke, and coder Bjørne. This is our first commercial game, and we want it to evoke emotions and be a meaningful experience for the player. We are located in Bergen, Norway, but mainly work remotely.

As the game hasn’t been funded yet, what we currently have to offer is a revshare deal. This means that you will be taking a risk in case the game never gets funded or completed. We hope we are able to transition to giving a salary in the near future. There are several grants in Norway that we aim to apply to over the coming months. We have enormous faith in the project, as does many industry professionals we have been consulting.

Our goal is to create a polished vertical slice by Spring 2021. This slice will then be used to apply for further funding of the project. The job is as of now part time, and working hours are flexible.  

Following is a set of skills we are looking for. BUT if you are passionate and eager to learn, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Skills we seek:
  • Proficient with 2D games in Unity
  • Lights, VFX and shaders 
  • Good knowledge of an asset pipeline
  • Passionate and dependable
  • Technical and artistic skills

Bonus points if you can:
  • Build levels in the engine
  • Level Design and game design
  • Rigging, skinning and IK
  • Procedural animation and general animation
  • Profiling and optimization
  • Take part in developing ideas and design
  • Create systems that simplify the work in Unity

    If you wish to see more of the game, feel free to check out its Discord here:
    The Bog concept art - Cove

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