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Economy Designer, Blockchain game

Posted: about 1 year
As the Game Economy Designer for Apex Kings, you will be in charge of the systems and economy design, creating a new class of game based on digital scarcity, content ownership, and decentralized governance. You will collaborate with other team members to take compelling designs from conceptualization to implementation. You must have a deep understanding of free-to-play design models, but you must never forget that an open economy has dependencies which are not encountered in standard free-to-play games.

  • Lead the game economy design of NFTs, tokens, and other on-chain items (tokenomics), designing from the player perspective to ensure usability, playability, and balance.
  • Design flexible economy systems and features (progression & reward structures, currencies, sinks & sources etc.) aligned with the game direction.
  • Come up with pricing strategies for in-game items, events, and services.
  • Collaborate with the team to integrate your designs.
  • Create game economy simulations and evaluate their performance & their impact on player experience.
  • Write and maintain design documentation that will serve as a reference to guide the team.
  • Pioneer new best practices in systems design in NFT, blockchain gaming.
  • Research the latest blockchain and free-to-play design models and implement these best practices into the economy.
  • experience of systems design, economy modeling, and data simulations.
  • Knowledge of macro, microeconomics, pricing theory, and statistics, especially in the free-to-play genre, with the ability to model problems into actionable solutions.
  • Ability to model and simulate planned features, changes, overall sinks, and sources while anticipating downstream effects with post-launch analysis.
  • In-depth knowledge of Excel + applicable analytics tool(s) (e.g. Firebase, GameAnalytics, Unity Analytics etc.)
  • Ability to translate analytical findings into actionable recommendations.
  • Collaborative spirit with problem-solving, organizational, communication, and presentation skills.
If you got this far you are probably
  • Comfortable with free-to-play games.
  • You’re interested in Blockchain\Crypto\NFT technologies.
  • You have an interest in cars or motorsport.
How’s the environment?
  • We are currently a fully remote workplace, so if you love working from home, you're in the right place.
  • English is our working language, so fluent written and spoken English language skill is required.
  • Even though a lot of independent effort is involved, developing games is a team effort so ability to work as a team - even if remotely - is required.
  • Change is inevitable, as we don't know what tomorrow might bring. If the sun needs to rise tomorrow from the west and set in the east - we would hope that you're comfortable with that.
  • We encourage initiative, if you think something can be made in a better way, please speak up.
What’s the opportunity?
  • Early bird compensation plan.
  • Get work on something that has not been done before.
  • Chance to develop in your role - there will be plenty of responsibilities to share.
  • Chance to develop company processes.
  • Freedom to work from home.
To apply and for further information, email:
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About Supremacy Games

Supremacy Games is a Finnish games developer and publisher, founded in early 2020 by games, media and entertainment veterans. Supremacy Games has assembled an experienced team with a deep understanding of global brands and stunning background in games development. We define financially lucrative target groups, find game genre and core loop that works with target audience, add innovation, create new hybrid games and execute with super experienced team.

This job posting has already expired. However you can check our other Remote Design Jobs.

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