Technical Animator (All Levels Considered)

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Art and Animation
£24,000 – £73,000 per annum
Remote (+/- 3Hrs GMT) or Leamington Spa, UK

Technical Animator (All Levels Considered) – Full Time Position

We define the importance of skillset as follows:

  • Engine: Work in engine to provide animation solutions, for example: runtime IK, dynamic joints, custom retargeting etc
  • Tools: To write both Engine and Maya based tools to solve/speed up productions. 
  • Rigging: Creating bespoke game ready rigs, skinning, PSD, Blendshapes etc Familiarity with Advanced Skeleton a bonus. Ability to evaluate rigs/skeletons from existing productions and ingest into our workflow.
We are looking for someone with a broad base knowledge and an eagerness to learn new techniques and implement them. We often look to the pioneers of the industry and strive to bring the craft, tech and artistry they demonstrate into our daily practices. The ability to animate to a good standard would be great as we’ll have plenty of opportunity.

As a tech animator at Super Spline you will support animators on a day to day basis. We expect you to be able to troubleshoot and solve issues independently, as well as working closely with the team. You will also be expected to write tools/processes based on the tech roadmap. You should be comfortable implementing animations in game, including setting up animation graphs to hand over to programmers. The desired candidate may be an animator who has a technical savvy skill-set.

The right candidate has the opportunity to establish themselves in our small studio and help build our pipelines, streamline workflows and be intrinsic to the growth that we aspire to.

Required skills (Based of Mid level)

  • Minimum 3 years in a similar role
  • Knowledge of game development workflows, most importantly within rigging and animation
  • Proficiency in Autodesk Maya and experience using its rigging / skinning tools
  • A solid foundation and understanding of rigging at an experienced or advanced level
  • Experience working with and/or creating animation tools and scripts (Python, MEL, Pymel)
  • Able to create rigs for characters and props for various styles (realistic, cartoony) using knowledge of anatomy for humanoid and animals
  • Experience rigging faces using joints, blendshapes, FACS etc. 
  • Working knowledge of creating assets for game engines including Unreal and Unity. 
  • A great sense of technical excellence, functionality, and problem-solving
  • A strong portfolio and willingness to complete a test to show skill level
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work in a team
Desired skills

  • Understanding of multi-layered deformation systems, deformers, blendshapes etc and how they work in real time game middleware
  • Experience of dynamics (cloth, muscles etc) and integrating them in games.
  • Experience with C# / Unreal Blueprints / Unity Editor Scripts
  • Experience with working with motion capture data in Maya
  • Strong animation skills and keen eye for detail
A Portfolio is required demonstrating all aspects of your skills, please include a link in your application. All further information is provided under non-disclosure agreement only. 

Applicants that wish to apply remotely must be in UK/EU timezones (+/- 3 hrs) for ease of communication.

Please send your reels to [ jobs – at – supersplinestudios – dot – com ] with subject “Tech Animator

Why Us?!

Here at Super Spline we are a bunch of friendly, talented individuals, who thrive on creativity and the love of the art. We value every voice and we’ve worked hard to build a working environment that  is warm and welcoming. We hold ourselves to the high standards we set out to achieve, without doing overtime. We go out as a team every week for lunch, cinema trips for research and organise social events with other local animators. Having a relaxed atmosphere allows us to do what we do best: great animation, great development, and provide a great service to all our clients.

Variety is the spice of life, and that’s what we think is unique about Super Spline. We get short and long term projects, ranging from console to high end mobile games, VR experiences to trailers. Each project has it’s own challenges and creative problems to solve. Say good-bye to working on a project for 4+ years and it never seeing the light of day.

We offer:

  • 4 Day Work Week
  • A friendly relaxed team atmosphere with a commitment to open communication. 
  • No Crunch / Overtime. Ever.
  • No project fatigue.
  • 18 days paid holiday.
  • Your birthday off.
  • Christmas closure for 2 weeks.
  • Flexi time.
  • Private health insurance with dental, optical, mental health, cancer care and therapies.
  • Pension scheme.
  • Annual training subsidies.
  • Personalized development plan and dedicated work time for your progression.
Our positions are in our Leamington Spa studio or fully remote, or a hybrid. 

About Super Spline Studios



Working on over 80 productions has meant we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with a lot of great people in this industry. Working cross discipline, in many different styles, solving many of game dev problems along the way.

Our creative flair is backed up by our technical proficiency, allowing us to work smarter and be more cost-effective. Paving way for more creative choices and ultimately happier clients. We’re proud to have worked on projects for Disney, Sega, Epic, Namco, Frontier, Electric Square, Jagex and Sumo to name but a few.

Our “people first” approach is dedicated to making Super Spline the best place to work as an animator. We offer fully remote or hybrid positions, with a strict policy of zero crunch / overtime.  We run an annual profit share at rates way above industry average. We offer training subsidies with a personal career progression plan and structured time to execute it. We’re dedicated to a relaxed and open atmosphere, where we talk every day as a team.

So whether you need a full remote animation department at your disposal or a temporary scale up of your existing animation team, we’re only an email away.

Aron, James & Eoin

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Super Spline Studios

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