Star Stable Entertainment is hiring 3D Artist Character/Creature - Project Curie (Remote Job)

3D Artist Character/Creature - Project Curie 100% REMOTE

Posted: 3 months
Art and Animation
​This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone who wants to be a part of building a next-generation MMO from the ground up!

We're the Curie Team, and we’re creating new magic. Interested in joining us in building a new world of adventures? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone who wants to be a part of building a next-generation MMO from the ground up!

We love horses and the community that has been built around the Star Stable Online universe, but we are ready to move out of our comfort zone into a new world of adventures... without horses .


We have a vision of the new game, but we need more than that. So this is where we hope you will build some magic together with us.

Our 3D Character / Creature Artist will be the magician who translates our visual dev concept artist’s designs into beautiful 3D characters and creatures!

To be successful, you need a problem-solving mindset, feel comfortable working on/with stylized art, and specialize in characters and creatures. 

We're at the beginning of our journey and preparing to move into Pre-Production on this title that will let players explore epic worlds, build connections with others, and express themselves creatively. We like stories, but we also think the most compelling stories are those the players tell themselves. Our flagship MMO Star Stable Online is in its 10th year of continuous updates with a community that continues to grow in size and passion. That’s our bar for success.


This new game is something totally different, so the team that builds it really needs to be daring and driven and have our values in the backpack. We all need to be good collaborators and communicators.

We know that we will try small and fail fast. We will be open to feedback and let our audience grow with us. We know when to ask for help and how to share our knowledge with others. And we do know that at this stage, perfection is the enemy of success. 

To help you during this journey you will have a whole company with many years of experience and support functions. You’ll join our growing team in shaping the vision and bringing this new product to life to delight new audiences. 


It is important for us that we all share passion and excitement around ambitious games that grow in dialogue with their audience. This project and this role requires you to have a pioneer mindset and enjoy experimenting and breaking new ground. 

Our team is small, lean, and close-knit. We love to work towards the same goals through self-ownership and autonomous but collaborative workflows. The 3D Character / Creature Artist must be creative, take initiative, love to collaborate, and enjoy working with a team.

Additionally, you can analyze the elements of what makes a specific art style unique and translate it from 2D to 3D. That means modelling/sculpting, delivering clean and optimized low-poly models & UV maps, texturing, and painting. As a bonus, experience working in game development is a plus!

This job is open for remote work, but candidates interested in moving to Stockholm after the pandemic are definite treasure, but not a requirement. 

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About Star Stable Entertainment

We are a passionate and happy bunch of 130+ creative brains from 20 different countries, dedicated to creating immersive and inspiring experiences for a global audience of girls.

Founded in 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden, we are the makers of the popular adventure game Star Stable Online – the currently #1 ranked and fastest-growing horse game in the world.

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