Pixel animator for 2D fighting game 100% REMOTE

Posted: about 1 month
Art and Animation
Character line-up planned
Our team is working on a platform brawler similar to the Super Smash Bros series, but with fun new additions to stand out differently! We're looking for a pixel artist who can replicate the same quality of animations we have so we can crank out more characters! The style of animations we're going for is based around the classic 2d fighter Street Fighter 3.

Animator requirements

  • Being able to work full time on this project so we can crank out characters. We'll be discussing deadlines on these upon the interview.
  • Being able to replicate the same quality we have in place already so the style matches.
  • Being able to understand fluent English
  • Being able to work more on characters as time goes on so we can add more content to the game even after launch.
  • Acceptable rates for a brand new indie game studio

    Joining as an animator, we'll be working alongside you on the project in our team's Discord work server. We find this more accessible and easier to handle the work and Discord will be required when joining this project. If you are new to Discord, we'll be happy to help guide you in setting up and joining! You can down Discord here! https://discord.com/new

    In regards to the animation style, here is a sample of the animations along with some gameplay we have back in early March.

Animations and Gameplay

Early gameplay. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRb4VPULHLY
Keep in mind much has been smoothed out since then along with new characters and levels!

As you can see, the animation quality is around 100-170 pixels in sizes and the frame count isn't low.

Characters and designs

Samples on our characters and designs along with some snippets from the comic series we're working on!
The Characters we have planned are a wide range of humans, blobs, anamorphic creatures, and more! We're hoping that you'll be able to handle designs such as these!

If this job interests you or if you have any questions, we're happy to discuss more! If possible, please leave any samples, your portfolio, any work that can demonstrate to us what you can do! Shoot us an email at SnailWhaleStudios@gmail.com!
If you found this job listing helpful, please mention how you found it when applying. This will only help us get you and others more job listings on the site 🙏.

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