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Our team is working on both a fighting game and an online comic series! The game itself is similar to the Super Smash Bros series in many ways, but, with other gimmicks and elements from other traditional fighters. Additional stuff such as hyper meter, tag-teaming, assists, will all be implemented! The main game's focus is team play! Being able to use your team of fighters effectively or working with another player on your team to combo your opponents! Our game's development is still in its early stages, but, it's coming along very smoothly!

Check out this gameplay showing off two different characters in action!

We are looking for a programmer for our project that is currently built in GMS2 but are willing to port to another engine if the applicant is both A) Familiar enough with the new engine to make it worth it for us and B) Willing to bring our current programmer up to speed. Regardless of which engine the project continues in, compensation is up for negotiation both in format and in amount. We are willing to negotiate salary, hourly, or profit split depending on the situation. Our goal is to recruit an active and invested team member and we hope that's you!

Below are more samples of the project including animations, comic snippets, and more!

If you have any more questions about the project, send us an email at snailwhalestudios@gmail.com! We look forward to hearing from you!
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