Seed Games International is hiring 3D Generalist Modeller (Remote Job)

3D Generalist Modeller 100% REMOTE

Posted: about 1 month
Art and Animation
Junior / Associate
Project Seed is developing a racing game that is highly inspired by Star Wars Racer and F-Zero.
• Proficient in modelling environment props.
• Experienced in modelling and texturing for mobile game is a plus.
• To work closely with the level designer and concept artist.

About Seed Games International

Project Seed is working on a 3D A-RPG blockchain game for mobile devices using the Unity game engine. We are looking for some talented and dedicated people to join the team. Our team is international, so knowledge in English is a must.

There is no work hour, we trust our people to work in their own productive time. We only measure through performance and responsibility in meeting the deadlines.

If you found this job listing helpful, please mention how you found it when applying. This will only help us get you and others more job listings on the site 🙏.

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