Senior/Lead Environment Artist

Posted: about 1 month
Art and Animation
Lead / Principal
Mysteria Studio is seeking Senior and Lead Environment Artists for freelance positions.
To play a key role in shaping the visual identity of our PC Action RPG project.
You’ll lead and motivate a talented team of 3D Artists, for which your artistic, technical, and leadership skills are of great importance.
We offer a fully remote work arrangement with flexible working hours.
·  Enhancing our artistic direction in collaboration with the Game Director, Lead Level Designer and our Art Team;
·  Optimizing the 3D art asset production pipeline for our Art Team;
·  Managing the art team and assigning tasks to each team member;
·  Creating briefings, reviewing the team’s work, giving constructive feedback, and providing solutions to problems;
·  Checking the 3D assets in Unreal Engine 5 to make sure they are rendered correctly and look realistic;
·  Creating high- and mid-poly models of environment objects like props & modular buildings;
·  Work independently on creating game ready assets given the technical limitations;
·  Complete all tasks in a timely manner and to a consistent high-quality standard.
·  Experience working on at least one commercially shipped game as a Senior or Lead Artist
·  A minimum of 4 years of experience in artistic roles within the video game industry
·  Expert in 3D modelling (Max, or Maya, ZBrush) and realistic PBR texturing (Substance 3D) workflows
·  Experienced in working with a modular workflow;
·  Experience working in Unreal Engine 4 or 5;
·  Ability to work in a self-organized manner within a team, while being respectful and an attentive listener
·  Excellent communication and leadership skills;
·  Comfortable with working in a 100% remote working team;
·  Minimum availability of 5 hours per work day
Application Process:
Please send the following information to

·  Your CV and a link to your online portfolio, or examples of your past work in PDF form. 
·  Your hourly pay rate.  
·  Your availability per work day.
·  Optionally, a few words about projects you’ve worked on, medieval fantasy things you like etc. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about the job. 

The first step for select candidates is to go through an onboarding process before they can join the team.
This is done via our Art Guide, and a Google Meet call with select candidates.
We know that your time is valuable, and try to keep this process as brief as possible.
The second step is to sign a freelance contract and complete an application task, which is paid at your regular pay rate.
The project is completely funded already. So, when you complete a task, you get paid directly.
We‘re looking forward to your applications!
About Project Stormbringer:
Project Stormbringer is an upcoming Action RPG, inspired by the Gothic and The Witcher games series.
The player washes up on an island’s shore as a nameless nobody and must complete a large variety of quests to work their way up, to become a powerful hero. While monsters and magical abominations run rampant on the island, the player must quell an ancient god who threatens to rise again and wipe out the island’s inhabitants. 

- Unique Artstyle
We infuse hyperrealism with an artistic touch to create both picturesque landscapes and dark fantasy dungeons.

- Corruption System
The system provides additional variety in the Action RPG gameplay by adding even more challenging combat encounters and rewarding players with rare upgrade materials.

- Immersive Atmosphere
A believable medieval fantasy world to explore, which gradually reveals its secrets. 
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About Mysteria Studio UG

Mysteria Studio UG is an established German Indie Game Development Studio with an international team, founded in 2012.
We strive for high visual quality, engaging gameplay, and technical excellence to offer gamers the best possible experience.

We’re proud to have an inclusive work environment and encourage members of all backgrounds and perspectives to apply!

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