Mind Feast Games is hiring Video Game Artist, 3D (Remote Job)

Video Game Artist, 3D 100% REMOTE

Posted: 4 months
Art and Animation
Junior / Associate
Remote UK Government Kickstart Scheme ONLY
There’s too much loneliness in the world. Over here at startup studio Mind Feast Games we believe that gaming can bring people together. The new cooperative game we are working on helps people to feel connected to each other socially and emotionally. Built with Unity, we’re soon to launch a public demo on PC and we’ll be building the game and growing the community at the same time. When ready we'll release on PlayStation, Xbox and Switch as well.


Please note that this job is funded by the UK government Kickstart scheme. As such, we can only accept people who are aged 24 or under and are on Universal Credit in the UK.

Your role will be to create low-to-mid poly 3D art assets to be used in the game, both interactive objects and background environment objects.

Your daily tasks will include:
  • Creating 3D geometry using Blender, Maya or similar from both concept art and your own ideas
  • UV mapping and texturing
  • Talking and planning with the team
  • Finding reference objects online
  • Adjusting your work based on feedback from the team

We work remotely from our respective homes so you can be based anywhere if you have internet access. We coordinate with each other via video calls, text chat and scheduling software. Working hours are flexible, one of our co-founders has young children so we understand the need to balance work and family life.

Requirements, skills and experience:
  • You have experience in making 3D art and can show us. This could be via mods to existing games, fan art, your own game/demos, your portfolio from a digital art course or experience at another game studio
  • You care about aesthetics and want your creations to “look right”
  • You are excited to make art assets for a new game
  • You are a self-learner and are keen to learn more about digital art
  • You enjoy working in a small team and following a team vision and also want to share your own creative ideas
  • You value honesty and want to be part of a positive working environment
  • You care about doing a good job and want to grow and improve. You can show this to us using examples from a past job or from a degree qualification
  • You are excited to join a new video games studio and further your career in the games industry

Employability support:

Your name will be in the credits of the game. You can show that you have worked on a commercially released PC and console game and can use it in your portfolio. We will help you develop your skills while with us and also encourage you to integrate with our wider indie game creator community to expand your learning and your network of games industry contacts.

This job is made possible by the Kickstart scheme and as such pays the National Minimum Wage for six months. The successful candidate should be prepared to start working with us in February/March. A long term opportunity may arise, pending how things go in the initial stages.

To apply for this job, please search for it from your Universal Credit job seekers portal and follow instructions from there.

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