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Art and Animation
We are an indie studio whose diverse team was brought together by a shared passion for personal storytelling, developing a narrative-driven 3D adventure game tackling themes of grief and loss. 

The role 
At our current state, we have a prototype along with a few environments. While the design team continues to develop features and levels, we are on the search for an art lead to work alongside them and the rest of the team. We’re looking for someone with great communication & leadership skills, attention to detail, the technical know how, and an interest in history. The lead will work alongside the team over seeing the necessary phases to hit our deadlines they will also work on creating new environments based on our design and art needs. We’re looking for someone keen to be part of a collaborative team and can take initiative in being the driving force in the ideation along with creation for new environments. 

A note on the kind of person we’re looking for: 
Before we list the position’s responsibilities and requirements, it’s important to make sure we share the same priorities and ideals. The most important thing for everyone in the team is that all other team members can have the best possible time working on this project. We’re not the kind of game studios you might be used to – we’re a diverse group of people with all sorts of backgrounds, and many of us don’t come from games. Additionally, this project places a lot of emphasis on handling emotional and cultural themes sensitively. We need someone who is not just okay with all this, but embraces the empathetic approach to game development that we champion. 

We need you to: 
  • Work closely with the design & art team in establishing the tasks needed to achieve the desired look for the game.
  • Design and implement the most efficient asset creation and workflows.
  • Work alongside vendor for the character models and environments to implement in UE5.
  • Create and model assets while taking ownership of them throughout development.
  • Ensure the project art assets are kept reliably organized and within technical specs.
  • Communicate effectively with the team for timeframes and potential pitfalls.

You need:
  • Minimum 5 years industry experience with a shipped PC/ console game.
  • Great 3D modeling skills and comfortable with stylized visuals.
  • Experience with UE5 animation tools and integration.
  • Experience with character and environment creation.
  • Experience with shaders and lighting.
  • An online portfolio demonstrating previous work.
  • Know the basics of using Git for version control.
  • To be comfortable with Notion, our project management tool, so that you can update your tasks and documentation.
  • More generally, to be able to work autonomously and manage your own workload.
  • To be fluent in English.

  • Experience with particle & VFX systems as well as rigging and texturing models.
  • Great understanding of art, design and programming production pipelines and constraints.
  • Interest in the Arabian Golden age’s architecture.
  • Capable of creating concept art.

  • Beginning ASAP.
  • Timeline to be determined upon discussing scope.
  • Remote. You will most closely collaborate with team members based in California, Montreal, and France. Due to this some days may require an offset schedule while maintaining reasonable working hours.
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About Lunacy Studios

We are an indie studio whose diverse team was brought together by a shared passion for personal storytelling, developing a narrative-driven 3D puzzle adventure game tackling themes of grief and loss. 

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