Lost Again is hiring UI Artist for 2D Game (Remote Job)

UI Artist for 2D Game 100% REMOTE

Posted: 12 days
For Frayed Freedom we are looking for a User Interface Artist.

Frayed Freedom is an intense noir role-play adventure set in an alien world just after the fall of a terrible regime. Visuals are inspired by Art Nouveau, Film noir, Cold War era & Comic book. This is a PC/console title. 

Your tasks include:
  • Develop style guide for dialogues and lore texts. 
  • Iterative UI concept design
  • Design of User Interface Elements
  • Finesse User Experience and User Menu flow. 
  • Communication within multi-disciplinary team for feedback
Please send your application to info@lostagain.nl, subject 'Noir Game UI'. Please attach or link to your portfolio and CV. Cover letter not needed. 
We will consider applicants from outside games. 

Deadline application: December 7th 2020

We are a diverse team of freelancers with years of industry experience. We all work remote.

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