Unreal Engine Environment Artist

Posted: about 1 month
Art and Animation
For our Design Team at iBLOXX Studios, we are looking for a top talent Environment Artist, with proven experience in AAA titles, to build innovative, engaging and exciting worlds for our game.

Only candidates with strong Unreal Engine Environment Design flow, asset optimization, modular workflow and game experience will be considered.

Our ideal candidate will have a sense of what will look real and play well, is creative, likes to work with people,  enjoys to share their knowledge, exchanges experiences and thinks out of the box.


•           Research resources and references for the project, plan, build, and revise exciting, engaging and understandable worlds for gameplay and cinematic
•           Design believable, photo-real virtual 3D environments from concept to completion
•           Working with Arts team to incorporate layouts into scenes and sequences
•           Creates environments that work with characters and assets
•           Research the game's subject matter
•           Prioritize well and meet deadlines, communicate progress with the team clearly and frequently
•           Consistently resolve issues from a visual, production, and technical perspective
•           Work within game engine budgets, limits and memory constraints

•           Experience crafting virtual 3D environment where characters and objects can interact and move around

•           Able to visualize natural terrains, cityscapes

•           Strong creative and technical design skills

•           Strong narrative and environmental story telling skills

•           Experience building believable spaces that cater to gameplay and narrative needs

•           Solid knowledge of architecture, geography and the laws of physics as well as visual language - texture, color, dimension, scale, perspective, shade, composition, depth of field, proportion, spatial awareness, etc

•           Experience in Unreal Engine is a must

•           5+ years professional design experience

•           Self-motivated with the highest level of attention to detail

•           Works well in a team environment

•           Strong interpersonal skills

•           Takes and understands direction and feedback well, meets project milestones and balances multiple tasks.

•           Excellent video game culture and knowledge of games

•           Experience with 3d art packages such as Maya or 3ds Max

•           Knowledge of Maya, Mudbox, Zbrush

We are looking for talented, getting-things-done candidates with passion for design, animations and gaming.
If this opportunity sounds exciting , then please send your application along with your salary expectations to:
hr at ibloxx.com

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