Goldborough Studio: 3D Blocking Character Animator (Remote Job)

3D Blocking Character Animator 100% REMOTE

Posted: 17 days
Art and Animation
Yami: The Dream has a lot of animations that are required to bring Kimojin our hero to life. These small character animations need to work well at conveying believable emotions and narrative moments.

Job description
You will work with our gameplay programmer and character animator to create believable animations that can utilise Unity's Animation system. You will know Maya and have an understanding of Unity and Inverse Kinematics. Your work will need to be believable, fluid and seamless. That said, they are blocking animations, so they don't need to be too detailed. You will need to be able to iterate and export quickly to .fbx. For animation, we work in Unity and Maya. 

Good to have
An understanding of Unity Animation System, Blender and Adobe CS.

This role would be suited to someone who loves games like ICO, The Last Guardian, Journey, Uncharted and Rime. 

Remote working  Contract/freelance (6 months)
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