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Senior UI/UX Artist

Posted: about 1 year
Negotiable. Dependent on knowledge, skill and experience level.
Ranging from GMT-4 to GMT+4.
Please introduce yourself and send your resumes & stylized portfolios via email with subject header:
UI/UX - Full Name - Your skill level - Unity:Yes/No - Current Location
  • For skill level choose: Student, Intern, Junior, Regular, Senior, Lead, Director or Studio/Team
  • For Unity: choose "Yes" if you have worked in Unity for more then 6 months of full-time and “No” if not
To help us understand your perspective, if you can please mention:
  1. When do you prefer to start.
  2. Is full-time possible or you prefer part-time
  3. Your freelancer rate range (Indie Developer vs. big wealthy studio)
  4. Your game industry work experience (years).
  5. What draws you to us and our game/IP
Add the GDPR consent: I hereby give my consent for the information provided on this form to be held on computer or other relevant filing systems in accordance with the GDPR 2023.

 If you are a good fit, then a follow up email will be sent your way.

  • We agree with 99% of Earth's population that Earth is round.
  • We are a premium AA+ Indie that has all the elements to become a highly recognized IP. 
  • We are looking for candidates that can start between now & June.
  • Job Type: Always Remote, ideally Full-Time but can start as Part-Time
  • Freelance, yet very much part of the team & project
  • Salary: Dependent on knowledge, skill, experience level and location.
  • Working with team members from around the globe. Ranging from GMT-4 to GMT+4.

As a UI/UX Senior Game Artist  that is part of the FTE team & project, you would immerse yourself into the look and feel of our game. You would be responsible for leading the UI/UX effort that matches our whimsical art style.
If, like us, you believe we are creating an original IP that will create fun and joy in the player's hearts and minds then please apply. We are very much looking forward to finalizing our theatrical world of puppets in the upcoming months with you. 

To thrive as a UX/UX Game Artist at Flatter Than Earth you would:
  • Have 5+ years of experience in designing UI/UX
    • Have 2+ years of experience in working in the game development industry
      • Experience in collaborating with programmer(s)
      • Experience in preparing UI assets ready for Engine Implementation
    • Have 1+ year as a Senior/ Lead UI/UX 
  • Have a strong portfolio supported by game interfaces created for consoles and/or PC
  • Have a good understanding of the game industry and video games, as well as knowledge of current trends
  • Possess strong design, drawing, color, composition, and conceptual ideation abilities
  • Have good familiarity with User-Centered Design principles
  • Take a holistic approach to the design process
  • Have excellent working knowledge of 2D graphics applications & leading UI development tools
  • Be self-organized and self-driven with great attention to detail
  • A flexible team player, with very good English both spoken and written.
Job Expired

About Flatter Than Earth

About Flatter than Earth:
We are an international indie studio, with talent hailing from three continents and six countries. Our team is a unique blend of fresh talent and seasoned industry professionals with backgrounds in major studios like Riot and Netflix. We are committed to designing games with a keen focus on accessibility and connecting with a global audience. Our dedication and passion is evident in our work.

Visit us at:

This job posting has already expired. However you can check our other Remote Design Jobs.

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