Estudiofuture is hiring Technical/FX Artist UNITY 3D - Senior (Remote Job)

Technical/FX Artist UNITY 3D - Senior 100% REMOTE

Posted: 10 days
Art and Animation
We are currently looking for a highly skilled FX/TECHNICAL ARTIST (UNITY 3D) that can help us create the most stunning visual effects for our new multiplayer driving&shooting game.

Please, ONLY SENIOR PROFILES with proven experience. Fx reel required.

This applicant can work in our Madrid(Spain) studio or work 100% remotely.


- Develop complex and visually stunning particles and shader effects under Unity 3D. (Explosions, weapons particles, lasers, mecha vehicles Fx, turbos, neon trails...)

- Develop optimized real-time shaders and lighting effects.
- Optimize effects and shaders to minimize the impact on the game performance.
- Work with the code team to develop tools/scripts/plugins to streamline art processes, workflows, and pipelines.
- Troubleshoot and solve technical art production issues.
- Assist artists and designers via tool development, and in concept testing of new ideas, and building rapid prototypes.

Example of concept arts of our mecha vehicles where you can identify the Fx and lightning we are looking for:

  • Expert knowledge of Unity 3D.
  • Ability to create stunning particle effects, explosions, and other top-tier VFX for Pc, consoles, VR, and mobile platforms under Unity 3D.
  • Expertise in Technical shader development and support, optimizing code and algorithms to maximize graphics quality and performance.
  • +3 years of experience in video games creating real-time, next-generation games and at least 1 shipped game.
  • A portfolio demonstrating your expertise specifically related to VFX and particle effects. 
  • Self-motivated with a positive attitude and a great team player.
  • Exceptional communications skills, both oral and written. 
  • Full professional proficiency in English or Spanish.
  • Ability to mentor others in the department.

  • Experience with a complete console game development process.
  • VR/AR development experience.
    Experience scripting Shaders/C#. 
To apply, please send an email to, including Senior TECHNICAL ARTIST and your name in the subject.

Please don’t forget to attach your CV, reel link, and any other material that may impress us, especially show your experience working with Fx for real-time games in Unity 3D.

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