Enhearten Media is hiring User Aquisition Expert (Remote Job)

User Aquisition Expert 100% REMOTE

Posted: 2 months
Sales & Marketing
Lead / Principal
$1,000 + $1 per every permanent new discord member / month
The job is to acquire fans of the project who will back us when we run our Kickstarter in Q3 of 2022.

The salary is up for negotiation if you can demonstrate your talents in a convincing way than we can easily do $7000/month.

However seeing as our current growth is already decent (3000 discord members) for a project with 0$ (as yet) spent on marketing and marketing professionals, and no publicly available version of the game, the deal with a baseline plus a dollar per every user acquired (which is to say they didn't leave within the month where we use discord as our metric) has the potential to be the most lucrative job you've ever held.

Take a look at some of the organic promotion we're getting :

(take a look at the view counts)

Independently of your own marketing we will continue to organize and carry out cross-promo and organic Youtube videos but the users acquired by these means will still be counted towards your tally.
Job Expired

About Enhearten Media

The idea with Sanctuary RTS is to make a strategy game that takes cues and improves upon Chris Taylor - style RTSes and bring them into the modern era while filling that specific niche.

The company is filled exclusively (so far, it's not a requirement for to apply to this job offering) with people who are enthralled by this genre of video game and who dream of seeing a good successor step in. From the models to the technical challenges to the game design, the specifications of this genre are something we are intent on following even if we do have special ideas that we think will fuse with this genre to the point of becoming indivisible.

We're international, our biggest hub is Poland, then England, then the Netherlands, then Australia, then Germany, then France, ect. We are making a game targeted towards an international community, we want our company to reflect that. English is the language we interact with. We use discord as our main mode of communication and coordination. We use a GitHub board to track progress. We develop according to scrum principles. We use git for versioning. We can't not act as one family.


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