Character Artist 3D

Posted: about 1 year
Art and Animation
Who are we looking for?
A highly motivated and talented 3D Character Artist to join our team remotely. This person will be realizing the concepted characters and cloth in 3D, texturize them, implement them in the game and iterate on the models based on feedback.

·         Create custom character assets + clothes for MetaHumans based on concept art
·         Optimize character assets for game production

·         Knowledge of the character creation pipeline (Sculpt, High Poly, Retopology, Unwrap, Baking, Texturing)
·         Familiarity with character cloth physics + simulations and the respective software (Blender, Maya, Marvelous Designer etc.)
·         A good sense of anatomy and proportions
·         Experience with MetaHuman and Unreal Engine 5

·         Having fun creating creepy masks
·         Located in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany
·         Having a knack for the horror genre 

·         Part-time or full-time for 3 months
·         Remote work
·         Start date: Mid April 2023
Job Expired

About Cyber Manatee GmbH

Cyber Who?
Cyber Manatee is a young game development studio from Cologne, Germany, focusing on ambitious indie games that merge interesting gameplay with captivating stories.
The team is working on its first commercial project, which is a first-person horror title set in the German hinterland of the 1980s. Thereby, players will find themselves in an abandoned border area surrounded by forests, ruins, bunkers and odd residents to uncover a secret that stayed with them for more than 20 years.  
Why Cyber Manatee?
Joining Cyber Manatee means joining a team of friends. We are passionate developers with an open mind and skill set. It is not our goal to create “another horror” game. Much more we are aiming for that special thing, which means something to us as creators as well as to the players. 
While making games, we want to learn, work hard, have fun and form relationships that we can build on.  If this sounds like a team you’d be interested in working with, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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