Capricia Productions is hiring Programmer/Developer (UE4) (Blueprints, C++) (Remote Job)

Programmer/Developer (UE4) (Blueprints, C++) 100% REMOTE

Posted: 7 months
Hello, we have just released our game "Of Bird and Cage" and we are now expending and looking for a programmer/developer for our next project which is an AWESOME VR game. The company is completely remote. We are looking for someone who can lead the next project's development and is an experienced programmer in UE4 including Blueprints, C++ and VR. We need to see a portfolio and previous works and are probably looking for a 2+ years of experience although that depends how talented the person is. Last thing I will mention is that we are an indie team so.. adjust your salary expectations ;).

Must have:
* Extensive Blueprints knowledge
* Extensive C++ knowledge
* Deep familiarity with UE4 (all aspects)
* VR headset (Oculus)
* VR development experience
* Very well organized
* Ability to work remotely (Fluent English, Good internet and gear etc')
* 2+ years of experience with UE4

* a "generalist" vibe - meaning familiarity with all game development aspects at least on some level.
Job Expired

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We are a small but steadly growing studio from Israel trying to convey our passion for games to our public and making things that were never done before.

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