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Posted: 23 days
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Hi folks! We're looking to find an excellent TikTok Content Creator with a history of making viral videos and a generalist, can-do skillset for one of our clients. This is a freelance position aiming for ~20 hours per week of work.

What are we looking for?

We're looking for a TikTok Content Creator who can handle the whole social media process - from ideation to footage capture to editing, and, of course, posting, themselves. Ideally, this is somebody who has experience making Viral Videos on TikTok - you may or may not already have a personal social media presence.
  • Social media savvy. You know trends, hashtags and current viral music.
  • A proficient video editor, with the means to capture in-game footage at high quality. Bonus points if you're able to use UE4/5 to capture footage too!
  • Comfortable on camera, putting your voice over videos and communicating with your audience!
What is the project?
  • Our client is a yet-to-be-announced incumbent in the AA video game market, primarily working on RP-heavy sandbox titles.
  • They're looking to grow their TikTok presence - many of their titles being a natural fit to the platform - taking inspiration from other highly successful viral developer TikTok channels.
  • More details will be given throughout the application process.
  • The client is looking to hire someone for roughly 20 hours per week. This is a freelance contract position.
If you're interested, please email me at aidan@campaigncooperative.com with either a resume, a portfolio, or some examples of TikTok channels you've managed in the past - as well as your hourly rate! We'll be able to discuss a little more about the client and project throughout the application process. Thanks!
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